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Government Signed Memorandum of Understanding with UNTL about Scientific Research


Dili, 27/03/2017, Government through Ministry of Finance, General Directorate of Statistics (DGS) has signed MoU with University National Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL) about Scientific Research. The ceremony was held in the GDS Meeting room, Caicoli with an objective of develop good cooperation between government and academic in order to help the work of GDS in an area of research.

In the ceremony Vice Ministry of Finance, Mr. Helder Lopes said that, an objective from signing this MoU is to establish cooperation between two institutions in area of scientific research and also how to disseminate result of the research to the public.

We believe that UNTL is a proper institution of public in which can help government especially Directorate General of Statistics in where always conducting research activities so with this with this cooperation together can conducting proper research and also to work together to deliver an information from the research to the public and also to the those people that required data, especially policy makers or those people that make a program or those that make politics. Said Helder.

In other part, Rector UNTL, Prof. DR Francisco Miguel Martins stated that, UNTL feel great honored to come to signed MoU between Ministry of Finance and also University National of Timor Lorosa’e particularly an aspect of scientific research that needed to be develop in our country and our nation.

He also explained by stating that University National Timor Lorosa’e as State public institution and also technical formation institution to produce an intelligent people in order to hold leadership post or works in our government. The principle of UNTL is not only to provide the formation but also to conduct research to expand and strengthening to our activities of life in our nation with aspect of the life of all people, adding from Rector UNTL.

Mr. Francisco also reaffirm that, with signing agreement DGS and UNTL together to serve together and more to enhance data that was collected by DGS, empiric data with noble and concreate or real that was came from the field. UNTL as institution to collaborate together with Director General of Statistics to analyze those data and at the end to produce and disseminate this data for our internal and external consume. If not disseminate, those data just laid in our drawer or locker and it’s not a good manner. UNTL as technical institution to provide formation to people in where to raises a quality, and also to produced scientific information that still undergoes its mission.

Therefore this collaboration will fortify and greatly produce this information in adequate, scientific when to evaluate with methods that is appropriate for the character of the data.

Referring to an implementation, Vice Ministry explained that start from this signing of Memorandum of Understanding, if there is an activity in Directorate General of Statistics if feels that don’t have a Human Resource to handle, they can contact University National Timor Lorosa’e so that through this cooperation UNTL can delegate their people especially an expert Professors to participate in process of research that undertake by DGS.

The Ceremony was attending by National Directors of DGS, UNTL Professors and staff of Ministry of Finance.