• Ministry of Health commemorates the world Health Day and also with the Ministry Planning and Finance launches Demographic Health Survey 2016 Report.

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Ministry of Health commemorates the world Health Day and also with the Ministry Planning and Finance launches Demographic Health Survey 2016 Report.

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Dili, April 10, 2018 – The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Planning and Finance commemorates 70 years of World Health Day in Timor-Leste at the same time also officially launched Demographic Health Survey 2016 reports to the public by His Excellency Minister of State and Ministry of Health, Dr. Rui Maria de Araújo, the Vice Minister of Health, Mr. Luis Lobato, the Vice Minister of Planning and Finance, Mrs. Sara Lobo Brites, Representatives from UN Agencies, Diplomatic corps that accredited in Timor-Leste, Development partners, Academics, Civil Societies, Lines Ministries, and other entry that are really required the DHS 2016 dataset. The seminar was held at Dili Convention Centre (Ex Mercado Lama Dili).

During his speech, the Vice Minister of Health, Luis Lobato said that today is an important day for all of us here to conduct general performance assessment within the Ministry of Health. As we see the factor and important component that located as important indicators for its performance assessment for all of us that service at MoH. He also point out that the important objective from health sector is “Kobertura Universal de Saúde ba Komunidade hotu-hotu, ba ema ida-idak iha Timor-Leste nia laran”. What it is meant? It is mean that all individu in Timor-Leste should obtain health assistant from health staffs that works at Health sector. Mr. Lobato further highlighted that as a health staffs should not leave the sickness that the person have, it is mean that as the health workers should find out, should know the health condition of Timorese people in throughout the life in his/her dwelling, and also within his/her families. This an important action as an activity to bring us close to this slogan “Saude ba Ema Hotu-hotu/Health for All”.

In the same occasion Mr. Lobato highlighted on Demographic Health Survey (DHS) report by informing that today event also we conducting third DHS, and the first in 2003 and also clearly indicated to us that our morbidity and mortality still high in our nation Timor-Leste. I wants to give an example that in that time mortality for mothers still have1000/100.000 and today after 18 years of governances, our mortality extremely down to 218/100.000, and this means that we able in reducing mortality rate in which is as a one an important indicator to measures our effort work in Timor-Leste.

During her speech, the Vice Minister of Planning and Finance, Sara Lobo Brites in her opening speech she congratulated World Health Organization, Organizasaun Saúde Mundial in Timor-Leste and Ministry of Health with development partners that celebrating this 70 years of World Health Day. Referring to the Demographic Health Survey Mrs. Brites saying that this DHS its part of the government own program, in where periodically implements under Directorate General of Statistics in which under portfolio of Ministry of Planning and Finance together with the collaboration of Ministry of Health and other government partners in which becoming also as data utilizer. She added that, Demographic Health Survey was conducting on 16 September and finished on 22 December 2016.

In terms of the financial for this vocational course in which start from research up to release publication results its budget from State budget and also contribution budget from our development partners. I want to extend my thanks to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union, and the World Bank. ICF provided technical assistance through The DHS Program, a USAID-funded project providing support and technical assistance in the implementation of population and health surveys in Timor-Leste.

Mrs. Brites also underlined that the research for Demographic Health Survey for the year 2016 was utilize the new technology of Tablet/CAPI or call Computer-assisted personal interviewing and proper application and software as an innovation that utilized by Directorate General of Statistics Timor-Leste in process of data collection about DHS 2016 in the field. The DHS report consist an indicators such as: Introduction DHS and Methodology, Household and Respondents Characteristics, Fertility, Family Planning, Mortality, Reproductive Health, Child health, Nutrition, Malaria, HIV, Women’s Empowerment, Domestic Violence and Non-Communicable Diseases and Disability.

The Demographic Health Survey 2016 is moderate by Director Planning and Finance Management for Ministry of Health, Mr. Marcelo Amaral, General Director of Statistics, Elias dos Santos Ferreira was presenting the DHS 2016 report in which containing 47 slides, the presentation was really informative and the participants were welcoming with the results that putting out in its report.

Lastly, the Vice Minister of Health, Luis Lobato and the Vice Minister of Planning and Finance, Mrs. Sara Lobo Brites were expressing their immense gratitude and thanks to General Director, Elias dos Santos Ferreira and his staff as well as thanks also to professional staff from Ministry of health that work together with Statistics to make this report available to all of us now.