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Demographics and Health Survey

Timor-Leste Demographic and Health Survey

The 2009-10 Timor-Leste Demographic and Health Survey (TLDHS) is the second national level

population and health survey conducted in Timor-Leste and the first conducted as part of the global Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) program. The sample for the survey was selected independently in every stratum, through a two stage selection process, to provide estimates for each of the 13 districts and for both urban and rural areas of the country. The 2009-10 TLDHS was designed to cover a nationally representative sample of residential households, taking into account  onresponse; to obtain completed interviews of women age 15-49 in every selected household; and to obtain  ompleted interviews of men age 15-49 in every third selected household.

Each household selected for the TLDHS was eligible for interview with the Household Questionnaire, and a total of 11,463 households were interviewed. All eligible women age 15-49 in the selected households and all eligible men age 15-49 in every third household were interviewed with the omen’s and Men’s Questionnaires, respectively. A total of 13,137 women age 15-49 and 4,076 men age 15-49 were interviewed. Data collection took place over a six-month period, from early August 2009 to  early February 2010.

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