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The 2007 Timor-Leste Survey of Living Standards is the second national survey of living standards for Timor-Leste. It has been carried out by the National Statistics Directorate (Direcção Nacional de Estatística) with support from the multi-donor Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Program (PFMCBP) managed by the World Bank.

The first national survey, the Timor-Leste Living Standards Survey (TLSS), was undertaken in 2001 during the months of August to November. The 2001 TLSS had a modest, though nationally representative, sample of 1800 households from 100 sucos covering one percent of the population. Being the first national living standards survey of its kind following the independence referendum of August 1999, the TLSS provided a wealth of information on living conditions in the country as an input into the first National Development Plan.

The second national living standards survey, the TLSLS, has been undertaken to update this information and is also expected to provide an input into the development of the second National Development Plan. The TLSLS covered a sample of 4,477 households all over the country over a period of 12 months.

It is notable that the TLSLS is a comprehensive multi-module survey. The scope of topics covered by the survey is very broad, and encompasses most of those that would be covered under more specialized surveys such as the Demographic and Health Survey, the Multiple Cluster Indicators Survey and a typical labor force survey.

The TLSLS was launched on 27 March, 2006. Unlike its predecessor, this survey was designed to run over a period of a full year in order to better account for any seasonal variation in different indicators. However, after about eight weeks of fieldwork, the survey had to be suspended due to the outbreak of conflict in the country. The survey was resumed on January 9, 2007, and survey operations have progressed without interruption since then. Fieldwork for the survey concluded on January 22, 2008. At the time of the resumption of the survey, a decision was made to revisit the households who were interviewed in 2006 prior to the interruption of the survey. In particular, 351 households had been visited in 2006. Of these, 317 households were revisited during December 2007-January 2008. The remaining 34 households could not be found at the time of the revisits, and instead an additional 41 new households were interviewed as replacement households.  In order to maintain a sample for a continuous period of a year, the final TLSLS sample thus excludes the 351 households interviewed in 2006 and instead includes the 358 revisited or replaced households.

At this website users can access the main statistical data at national and district levels, which are presented on tables. The subjects covered are: i) demographics; ii) housing; iii) access to facilities; iv) durable goods; v) education; vi) health; vii) employment; viii) social capital; ix) subjective well-being.

  Metadata for each subject is presented.

The full publication “Final Statistical Abstract: Timor-Leste Survey of Living Standards” can also be downloaded here.