• The Business Activity Survey for 2017 will carry out during July to September under GDS Supervision

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The Business Activity Survey for 2017 will carry out during July to September under GDS Supervision


Dili, July 09, 2018 – The General Directorate of Statistics launching an opening training for Business Activity Survey for the year 2017 to 54 participants at the GDS office Caicoli in Dili. During the opening speech General Director Mr. Elias dos Santos Ferreira by saying that 90 per cent of the participants are those who have had worked with General Directorate of Statistics especially for those people who ever been worked in the various of surveys and censuses that were conducted by General Directorate of Statistics.  Based on information that I got from management team said that only 10 per cent of you are new, so in this time moment I would like to emphasized to those who have worked experience in Business Activity Survey by stating that “Please help also those new candidates so that they will understand and they will collect information in the field in a good way too as you all do with a responsibility. As you may all know that the important of data we collect will bring to GDS and later on will getting compiling, processing, analyzing and become an important information and that information will give to government to make a better plan for our country.

General Director is also by informing the training participants of Business Activity Survey that, the questions were outlined in the questionnaire 2017 was same as been using in 2016.  It means that you know and you have well intended already. Despite that DG said, he proud to Timorese Trainers who already capable to delivered a training to others Timorese participants that will carry out BAS activity in 2017.  He further appeal to all senior trainers that, please provide more deeply in Practical way rather than theory.

In the same time General Director Ferreira by underlined that Business Activity Survey (BAS) as a routine activity that is conduct yearly. The first activity was in 2010 and an activity Business Activity Survey for 2017 is conduct now in July until September 2018. This activity as an important way to measures an economy of our own country Timor-Leste.

The objective of the research focus on;

  1. The information that gained from Business Activity Survey is to compile for the National Account/Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  2. To know its contribution of all private sectors for our own economy within the country.
  3. To know the quantities of people or per cent of a Timorese employment, foreigners’ employment especial to female and males during a year period.

Methodology that used for the mentioned activity are;

  1. Obtained information from TAXATION
  2. Obtained information from SERVE
  3. Obtained information from Free Balance
  4. Obtained information from Customs

The total of the selecting sample for big and small businesses in the year of 2017 total 3,212 businesses, if you compared with the year of 2016 have 2,878 businesses or increased to 12 %. The big firms that was category as a Top Business is 301, the majority businesses mainly based in capital City of Dili.

In this regard the total of big and small businesses that are selected to be become as a sample for the mentioned activity in municipalities are 1,919, in the other hand the total businesses of 992 for 11 municipalities including RAEOA Oecusse.

This survey will cover 12 municipalities and also RAEOA, with the duration of two months, from July to September 2018.

To speed-up the survey General Directorate of Statistics recruit 54 people, 9 persons will act as supervisor, 36 people will act as enumerator or interviewer and 9 people as driver for these 9 team as shows below;

  1. First team will cover Lautem and Baucau
  2. Second team will cover Manatuto and Viqueque
  3. Third team will cover Manufahi and Ainaro
  4. Fourth team will cover Aileu and RAEOA
  5. Fifth team will cover 5 Ermera and Liquisa
  6. Sixth team will cover 6 Covalima and Bobonro
  7. Seventh, eighth and ninth team will cover Dili