• The General Directorate of Statistics has release Five more Analytical Report of the 2015 Population and Housing Census.

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The General Directorate of Statistics has release Five more Analytical Report of the 2015 Population and Housing Census.

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The General Directorate of Statistics under portfolio Ministry of Finance has launched five more the analytical reports which consist of Fertility, Mortality, Marriage, Youth, Gender, Agriculture, Housing and Characteristics Amenities and Sustainable Development Goals. The objective of the launching of the referring mentioned monographs is to facilitate the government to establishing its program for the future of this develop nation, the referring release has taking place at GDS Conference Room, in Caicoli Dili 26 July 2018.

In the opening 2015 census and SDG workshop the UNFPA Representative in Timor-Leste, Ronny Lindstrom said that the purpose of today’s workshop is twofold: to launch several thematic reports from Census; to launch a groundbreaking publication ‘Gender and Sustainable Development: Key to leaving no one behind’. Lindstrom also by informing the participants that, the presentations of series analytical reports will provide a range of evidence from census.

On the other hand, Lindstrom also further said that the census is a key source of data for the Sustainable Development Goals: We will see how census and other data are used to measure and monitor progress on the SDGs. Lindstrom stating that providing support for census data for development is a critical part of UNFPA’s mandate and organization considers it an honour to support the GDS in carrying out this part of our mandate in Timor-Leste. Mr. Lindstrom also by publicly inform that, UNFPA have not been the only supporter of the census. Partners such as UNWOMEN, ILO, FAO and UNICEF helped also make it a reality through their support of the mentioned thematic reports. Be informed that all of the publication will be available in English on the UNFPA (http://timor-leste.unfpa.org/) and GDS website (http://www.statistics.gov.tl).

The Director General of Statistics Mr. Elias dos Santos Ferreira acting on behalf of the Vice Minister of Finance by expressing views that the Census Population and Housing Census as a national program that always implemented every five years and its activity was carryout under General Directorate of Statistics supervision, to be telling in truth that this census exercise is not easy as we think of, therefore I wanted to take this opportunity to thanked the General Directorate of Statistics (GDS), entities of the government and all development partners agencies especially to; UNFPA, UNICEF, UNWOMEN, ILO and FAO, in which been providing technical assistant and supports to series of analytical reports that releases to the public. The series of reports here can have provided to the government and development partners about key findings in which can be develop in all sectors, especially based on the thematic area or sector that we are holding a responsible to serve our people in this lovely nation.

The General Director Mr. Elias dos Santos Ferreira during an interview with the local media he stating that series reports that we launch today is a continuation from reports of the outcomes from Population and Housing Census 2015. Today we release five more reports as been mentioned during the opening workshop, as you all know that analytical reports on Education has been release in VII Constitutional Government time. He further saying that we are going to have a report of population projection 2015 so that we can projecting population between 2015 and 2030. Mr. Ferreira quoting an information on fertility monograph by saying that Fertility in 2004 we have 7.6%, in census 2015 data shows to us that 4.5% and if we linked to Demographic Health Survey 2016 we have a small difference in decimal about 4.2%. So, we can say that this nation has decreasing fertility very rapidly. The evidence shows to us a good progress; it is because Minister of Health and development partners extremely work hard in a good campaigned or good in a civic education on health in this nation.

The one-day workshop was attended by Line Ministries, UN Agencies, International Agencies, Civil Society, University Students, GDS management team and several media organizations that based in Dili.