• Timor-Leste will Piloting of first Census Agricultural in few weeks coming

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Timor-Leste will Piloting of first Census Agricultural in few weeks coming

CTC meeting

Dili, 14 November 2018 – Ministry of Finance through the General Directorate of Statistics was held a meeting in order to getting an approval of final instruments that will be using during the first piloting census Agriculture in which will be tested in 8 Municipalities, 19 Administrative Post and 30 Villages including RAEOA (Administrasaun Especial Oecusse) will be held on next week, 19 November 2018.
The realization of this pilot census is to test all instruments that is going to be use in main census there such as household listing questionnaire, agriculture households’ questionnaires and also community level questionnaire. All of this event implementing due to cooperation within the government such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, and others line ministries, in which been work closely in providing technical assistance within members of Technical Committee for organizing first agriculture census in this young nation.
The pilot testing in agriculture census will be divided into three regions such as eastern part consists of Baucau and Viqueque municipalities, center part consists of Aileu, Ermera and Manufahi municipalities, and Western Part consist of Covalima, Bobonaro and Oecusse municipalities.
“Today Meeting members of Technical Committee will endorse those final instruments that will be used in pilot of census agriculture 2018 followed by resolution government No. 23/2017”. The instruments that will be used like:
a. The questionnaires of household, community and listing questionnaires
b. Music of Agricultural Census
c. Banner
d. Sticker
e. ID Card
f. Jacket
g. Bags
h. Logo and Mascot Agricultural Census
i. T-shirt
j. Hat
k. Android for interview household of agriculture.
The General Director of Statistics, Mr. Elias dos Santos Ferreira states during his presentation on pilot of census agriculture during the Census Technical Committee meeting at General Directorate of Statistics, Reha Conference room, Caicoli street, Dili. This meeting was attending by the members of Census Technical Committee for agriculture such as; General Director Secretariat Equality and Inclusion, Secretariat Region Agriculture RAEOA, General Director of SEPFOPE, General Director for Administrative Decentralization, General Director of Secretariat Land and Property, FAO and members technical from Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.