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General Directorate

DG. Elias

General Directorate

  1. Develop and monitor implementation of the Statistics Law that is compliant with CEDAW.
  2. Develop Statistics policies, SOPs (including Joint SOPs with DGCS and HRU) and manuals in compliance with the Legislative Framework. Regularly review and improve SOPs, using lessons learned.
  3. Develop SOPs for data quality frameworks and other quality initiatives.
  4. Manage the strategic planning process of the DGS to develop effective short term (5 years) and long term (10 years) statistics plans supported by program/project budgeting and monitoring processes.
  5. Conduct a feasibility study and develop a concept design for the implementation of a new statistics building.
  6. Lead and manage the DGS contribution to MoF’s budget, rolling 5 year Plans, AAPs, procurement plans, performance reporting and risk management processes;
  7. Develop customer service standards for all DGS functions to strengthen implementation and monitoring of quality management systems.
  8. Create a mechanism to receive complaints and feedback to measure the customer satisfaction levels and provide responses and solutions and within established timelines.
  9. Develop and implement a communication and partnerships strategy to ensure timely communications with internal and external stakeholders and manage effective joint working relationships in place to achieve results.
  10. Develop delegation of authority SOPs for all DNs and Heads of Unit  to strengthen, maintain and monitor the effectiveness of the management team, effective teamwork and communication,  effective problem solving and decision making and continuous improvement;
  11. Monitor the performance of each National Directorate through intervening and investigating issues when necessary;
  12. Together with the DNs and HRU  identify and take action to exercise disciplinary authority of  non-complaint officers ;
  13. Participate in work force planning processes and merit based recruitment and selection of competent staff for the DGS.
  14. Management of staff and undertake disciplinary actions for all breaches.
  15. Ensure implementation of the Equal opportunities and gender Balance in the DGS work activities.
  16. Ensure capacity building and development of competent staff in DGS and all staff have discussed, agreed and signed JDs, Individual Work Plans and Individual Capacity Building Plans.
  17. Liaise and manage MOUs and relationships with PFMCBC, ABS, BPS, UNESCAP, UNSIAP, KOICA, JICA and other training bodies to train and certify statisticians.

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