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National Directorate of Statistical Cartographic

Dir. Afonso
  1. Develop and review ND Statistical Mapping SOPs, records management and quality control in line with the statistics law and International standards.
  2. Lead and manage the National Directorate’s contribution to DGS planning, reporting, performance management and risk management processes.
  3. Develop guidelines for the delineation of Enumeration Area in Aldeia Level (EA) revised in municipalities.
  4. Review and approve all the drawings for 2225 Enumeration Area in Aldeia Level (EA) maps for all surveys and censuses.
  5. Review and approve all designed maps, charts, illustrations and layouts to simply the dissemination of reports through GIS images.
  6. Review, analyse and produce reports for the requests of maps demanded from Line Ministry, Military, CSOs and Development Partners.
  7. Coordinate with DN Systems and reports, DN methodology and Data collection to produce thematic monograph atlases.
  8. Coordinate with DGCS and IFMISU to provide specifications for the procurement of License(s) for GIS upgrades and full operationalization.

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