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National Directorate Of Methodology data Collection


The National Directorate of Methodology and Data Collection, NDMDC for short, has the following tasks:

  1. Establish and maintain systems, standard operating procedures, records management and quality control for the National Directorate, in line with the law and customer service standards.
  2. Lead and manage the National Directorate’s contribution to DGS planning, reporting and organisational performance management and risk management processes.
  3. Develop procedures and rules for the collecting and managing statistical data in accordance with International best practice.
  4. Develop annual plans for the planned key surveys (TL Demographic Health survey 2016, Business Activity Survey 2016, Civil Registration and vital statistics, Labour survey, TLS Survey).
  5. Manage and monitor all activities of the data collection cycle, including broad statistical frameworks, classifications, standards and concepts.
  6. Conduct an assessment of the collection methods and instruments and monitor their cost and resource implications.
  7. Evaluate and improve current systems, processes and procedures to maintain or improve the quality of data produced and identify associated efficiencies.
  8. Coordinate with the Secretariats to run workshops and pilot the methodology and data collection process.

Further information

Profile:Directorate of Methodology and Data Collection

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