• Department of Economic Statistics

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Department of Economic Statistics

    1. Coordinate with DN Methodology and Data Collection to develop statistical frameworks and indicators to conduct economic surveys and related topics.
    2. Conduct data collection, analysis and draft of reports on labor force survey, employment, business and industry surveys.
    3. Evaluate the quality of economic statistics and develop proposals for their improvement.
    4. Extract and analyse data on economic and related topics and prepare the results for publication or presentation at seminars/conferences.
    5. Prepare background papers for official reviews of economic Statistics and consult with users on their requirements.
    6. Evaluate and validate data on economic statistics and related topics from surveys and administrative collections.
    7. Determine user needs and ensure these are met, either using current statistical series or via the development of new collections.
    8. Monitor developments in international and regional practice related to the economic statistics.
    9. Running Strategic surveys for diversification of economic of the country (Agriculture Census and Tourism surveys).
    10. Work with CPLP countries to receive statistical information and guidelines of ISIC Timor-Leste and COICOP Timor-Leste

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