• Unit Coordination of Municipality

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Unit Coordination of Municipality

dir maria do carmo
  1. Develop and implement Policy, SOPs, records management and quality control for the municipalities, in line with the law and DGS standards.
  2. Lead and manage the municipalities’ contribution to DGS planning, reporting, performance management and risk management processes.
  3. Coordinate timely communication, support and problem solving to effectively manage the DGS office operations in municipalities.
  4. Ensures municipalities actively plan for the future DGS activities and manage the risk.
  5. Coordinate the development of the municipalities statistics competencies to effectively provide reliable and timely execution of DGS activities.
  6. Establish and coordinate focal points with the Line Ministries in the municipalities for effective data administration in the ministries.
  7. Create awareness for all stakeholders at the municipalities on DGS activities.
  8. Communicate the purpose, tools, methodology and coordinate collection and compiling of administrative data in the municipalities.
  9. Maintain a secure storage system with controlled access for all statistical data collected for individuals and companies in the municipalities.
  10.  Dissemination of coherent statistical reports for surveys and census to all stakeholders in the municipalities.
  11. Advocate to all key stakeholders the DGS statistical services to for effective planning, monitoring and evaluation purposes at municipalities.

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