• Celebration of World Statistics Day 2020 and also Launching various Publications

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Celebration of World Statistics Day 2020 and also Launching various Publications


Vice Minister and Acting Minister of Finance Timor-Leste

The Celebration of World Statistics Day 2020 and also Launching various Publications.

Distinguishes guests from public intituitions, development partners, civil societies, Academics, Media and also participants that i do really respect.
Firstly, on behalf Minister of Finance, i would like to extending my immensely gratiful to your participants in this event, in order to celebarting “World Statistics Day” and also in the same time launching various importants publications such as: National Accounts 2019, Trade data 2019, Mapping for Aldeias, Statistics Crime 2019 and Consumer Price Index for September 2020.
In this Ocasion, I would like to congratulate Director General of Statistics, Mr. Elias dos Santos Ferreira and his staffs at the General Directorate of Statistics, in which celebrate Statistics day and also continuing in doing the good performance in away by contributing an efforts to promote public policy on “evidence based policy making”.

In ambit of pandemic COVID-19, data and credible information are relevant and actualize as determinant factors to be faces and recover public health, economy and social lives. Therefore, in early this year, The United Nations Data Strategy has launched entitled “Data we can trust”.
Every year, the General Directorate of Statistics celebrates World Statistics Day. By this as public institution, the GDS continue involve and develop itself to serve government and population of Timor-Leste in a good manner though surveys, analize, data publications and also an information on statistics.
The development of this institution as a priority of the government, as its been estipulate on National Estrategy Development Plan for 2011-2030 that, in order to transform the General Directorate of Statistics to become as Institution of Statistics National of Timor-Leste in a way to assure independent and profesional for providing data and information of statistics. In order to gained that goal, the General Directorate of Statistics has been established offices at municipality leves. The Ministry of Finance currently preparing legal framework for GDS, human resources, facilities as well as others necesaries infrastructures.

The fundamental task of the GDS such as; surveys, analize, regular publications in a manner of helping public to acess an information which is actual and credible. The publication that been releases will help us to know better Timor-Leste’s situation and development of socio-economic, and in this ocassion would like to encourage all people to well utilize the data, because the information that is given out was cost a lot of money, time and energy.
A publication about Timor-Leste’s National Accounts will provide an updated information on economic up to 2019. In this report shows that economic recovery is about 1.8 percent from economic results in 2017 and 2018. This we can look from many factors that contribute for economic growth in 2019, in turned to public sector that getting growth is about 5.8 percent, it is more higher compare a contribution from private sector in where only added 3.2 percent. In other hand, all industries shows positive growth in 2019, but still under lowest level.

Publication on Annual Trade shows that Timor-Leste continues as a nation that still depends on import, because the balance payment of international trade showing that exports quite high around 400 percent including imports. This data implies that productivity of economic in the country still low and really need to take a proper measure to develops Timor-Leste’s industries based on principles benefits comparative and competitive.
Publication about Timor-Leste and Municipality in Figures 2019 still in progress in which will providing data that is relevant down to municipality levels, and this will assist us to know on demographic, potential and opportunities that every region and municipalities exist. Those exsit data can help us to prepare developing program that can be respond the availability needs.
The others publications that will launch together in this event with a nature different but those publications will serve the same objective that to give a correct information, relevant and uptodate.
To conclude, one more time i want to extende my congratulation to all employees or staffs at the General Directorate of Statistics, especialy those staff who carry a works in municiplaities level. I encourage all of you to continue work with profesionalism and integrity in order to become as a main agents in information that is credible and updated in Timor-Leste.