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Map Updating Dashboard for Preparing the Next Round Population and Housing Census


Díli, 30 September 2020,The Director General of Statistics, Mr. Elias dos Santos Ferreira with UNFPA Representative and the Cartographic mapping Director at GDS, Mr. Afonso Paixão Martins today afternoon around 15:00pm have concluded eight field staff that conducting test on mapping updating dashboard in Dili Municipality. The closing ceremony was attending by national directors, chief of departments, trainee students as well as staffs at the GDS. The event was held at the GDS REHA Conference Room, Caicoli, Dili.
UNFPA and the Directorate General of Statistics, Ministry of Finance Timor-Leste are now preparing on mapping updating for urban and rural areas in which connecting to the dwelling place for next round population and housing census. The General Director of Statistics has deployed well trained staff for six months, start from February to March is the first round and the second round commenced on July to September 2020 in order to do pre-test on new tablet devices that has apply an application software of collector for ArchGIS especially.

The National Director of the Cartographic Mapping informing to the participants during the closing ceremony by saying that, eight casual staff has conducting the mapping updating dashboard in Dili Municipality during six months and now come-up the results have were success, obstacle and several recommendation such as: 1) Success: There is field success due to involvement of Administrator of Dili Municipality, Administrator Post and which is from six administrative, suco chiefs, aldeia chiefs as well as communities in urban and rural areas. 2) Obstacle: During conducting the mapping updating the 8 staff many times faces a difficult in reading internet network, geographical situation is not good, and there are also strong wind gusts and other logistics items. 3) Recommendations: Needs to add more tablets and also technical staffs for monitoring operational work while staffs are carrying out work in the fields.

Mr. Ferreira also would like to extend his great thanks to UNFPA for continuing supporting in funding GDS in conducting maps updating dashboard for urban and rural areas especially in Dili municipality. On other hand, he also would like to thanks DNCE Director Mr. Afonso Paixão Martins and his staffs as well as eight casual staffs during carrying out the project.