• Ninety Participants following training on piloting census population and housing Timor-Leste 2019

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Ninety Participants following training on piloting census population and housing Timor-Leste 2019

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Dili, 04 November 2019, The General Directorate of Statistics under portfolio Minister of Finance together with UNFPA, organizing a training for piloting census questionnaire on population and housing Timor-Leste 2019. The General Director Elias dos Santos Ferreira said that, as you may aware that the main census for Population and Housing Timor-Leste will be implementing on 10-24 November 2020. As a usual that a year before implementing the real census, as recommended by UN that each country should conducting pilot census in order to test all questionnaire, instrument and other logistical things whether it works based on the needs or not. So, if during the pilot facing any problem then the technical people have a time to fix the errors so that in the main census everything will go smoothly as what we expected in the main objective of pilot.
The Census pilot for Population and Housing Timor-Leste 2019 Coordinator Mr. Silvino Lopes was officially informing to his superior and also to the participants that, in pilot census the technical people have been selected 36 Enumeration Area (EA) for implementing the piloting census. From 36 EA will be divided again into 5 Municipalities that have been selected such as; Aileu will have 6 Enumeration Area, Baucau have 8 EA, Ermera have 8 EA, Dili have 12 EA and RAEOA-Oecusse have 2 EA. Mr. Lopes further said that staff that will be deploying during the piloting for PHC 2019 around 90 people.

The General Director Mr. Elias also reiterate by informing that, in pilot census we have randomly and finally selected 5 municipalities such as; Aileu, Baucau, Ermera, Dili and RAEOA-Oecusse. I also would like to inform you all that, this is General Directorate of Statistics and UNFPA target of selecting 36 Enumeration Area (EA) for conducting a piloting test, in which we can take from urban and rural area. DG also by saying that, GDS have recruiting 90 people to cover the piloting census on 10-24 November 2019. From this 90 recruiting people, A 30 people of them are from casual staffs of the General Directorate of Statistics who are based at 12 respective municipalities including RAEOA-Oecusse, and 60 of them are temporary staffs who ever have experience in Census and Surveys likes: Census Population, Census of Agriculture, Demographic Health Survey, Business Activity Survey, Timor-Leste Living Standard Survey and so on.

Training on piloting census for Population and Housing Timor-Leste 2019 is commencing today, and base on the agenda that the training will take for 5 days and the training is under taking at the Directorate General of Statistics Timor-Leste. So, the 10 November census piloting starts and finish on 24 November 2019. On the other hand DG also highlighted that 2019 pilot census is very important because, the first time introduce of utilizing android/Computer Assisted Personnel Interview (CAPI) during the Timor-Leste Population and Housing Census in a way of capturing or recording the census data by enumerators, even though android/CAPI have used for Demographic Health Survey and Agriculture Census. But for Census Population and Housing is the first time.
Mr. Ferreira also by saying that, as a usual about the recruiting staff for Census Population and Housing Timor-Leste and I would to take you back to the three-round census in the past that we have recruiting GPS taker for census as well, and now for the piloting census 2019 and main census 2020 we will not recruiting GPS taker because we use android/CAPI in which where GPS also have been integrated into the Android system. So, the piloting census and real census we will be recruiting only Supervisor and enumerators no more for GPS taker.

In the same occasion UNFPA representation Mr. Nicholas Jhon Mcturk on behalf of the UNFPA Rep by saying, it is very good to see everyone here today, for the commencement of people training and the census Questionnaire has been re-designing the award, compared to the previous census and as we know that Director Silvino Lopes was explaining, the information will be collected on the electronic device, and that should make a work easer for you to do work rather than it should be collect information through the paper. But during the next few days you will going to get information through the PowerPoint slides, and so it is very important for everyone to concentrate and to learn as much as you can from the slides about the questionnaire designed so the your job is easier to do in the field and also, please and also ask question and practice as much as possible for each other and try to use questionnaires on the tablet so that you can do your job over the next two weeks once we go to field. So, once again welcome everyone and enjoy your training, and as I say please, please interactive as necessary and to make focus, useful and sharing exercise.
The opening training was attending by local journalist and media from line ministers.