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Pilot Census for Population and Housing 2021 Commences


Díli, 03 December 2020, The Director General of Statistics, Timor-Leste, Mr. Elias dos Santos Ferreira together with pilot census 2021 is Coordinator Mr. Silvino Lopes today conduct training about piloting census population and housing Timor-Leste. The event was held at GDS conference hall, Kai-koli, Díli.

In the process preparation of pilot census for population and housing 2021, the government of Timor-Leste through the General Directorate of Statistics, with assistant from United Nations Population Fund (UNFP), is conduct a pilot census in some part of the country. In the implementation of this pilot is funded by main development partner like UNFPA, and the mentioned census will commence on December 07 until December 11, 2020.

The Director General of Statistics, Mr. Ferreira said that, “A pilot census is usually held one year before the actual census to test the census instruments – which include the census questionnaires, CAPI (computer-assisted personal interviewing) devices, as well as logistics and administrative arrangements of entire exercise.  A pilot census provides the opportunity to refine and finalize the arrangements for the main census. It is held in selected areas in Dili especially Vila-Verde village and Motael village.

Ensure that two sucos of the country are represented, 2 sucos have been selected both from rural and urban areas, and in each suco, nine Enumeration Areas (EAs) have been included. The sucos or villages are: Vila-Verde and Motael, aldeias are: Matua, Terus Nain belongs to (Vila-Verde) and Halibur (Motael).

The 2021 census will be the fourth post-independence census conducted in Timor-Leste with the first one having taken place in 2004. The aim of the 2021 Population and Housing Census is to update benchmark statistical information on demographic, economic and social characteristics of the population.

The 2021 census will use the de-facto method of enumeration. This means that people will be enumerated according to where they are on the designated census reference period. In the main census, the night of 11th/12th July has been designated the census reference night. This means that the interviewers will be mainly be interested in getting information on persons who spent the night of 11th/12th July in particular household.

Residents of the selected pilot census areas are kindly requested to cooperate with the census officials and give correct information both during the pilot, and the forthcoming 2021 Timor-Leste Population and Housing Census.