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  • Resultados Chave

    (English) Key Census Results – English A census is the complete count of a country’s population conducted with the objective of providing information on the size, distribution, composition and other demographic, social and economic characteri ... continue reading »

  • Censos Agricolas

    (English) The Census of Agriculture of Timor-Leste, conducted in 2019 (TLAC2019), was a comprehensive statistical undertaking for the collection and compilation of information on crop cultivation, raising of livestock and poultry, and fishing and aqu ... continue reading »

  • Objectivos e Contexto

    (English)  Background Population censuses have been conducted in Timor-Leste since the Portuguese colonization, but they were mainly undertaken for administrative and taxation purposes. The fi rst comprehensive census was undertaken in 1980 during t ... continue reading »

  • Diferentes fases do processo

    (English) Census Concepts and Definitions A population census is defined as “the total process of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analyzing and publishing or otherwise disseminating demographic,economic and social data pertaining, at a specified ... continue reading »

  • Censos Metodologia

    (English) Population data in Timor-Leste are mainly obtained from population and housing censuses conducted in 2004 and 2010. Other sources are the 2003 and 2009/10 Demographic and Health survey (DHS). The population and housing censuses are conducte ... continue reading »

  • Conceito e definição

    (English) A population census is defi ned as “the total process of collecting, compiling,evaluating, analyzing and publishing or otherwise disseminating demographic,economic and social data pertaining, at a specifi ed time, to all personsin a count ... continue reading »

  • Censos melhores praticas

    (English) The analysis of country information provided a good opportunity to assess country implementation of the 2010 round of population and housing censuses at the mid point of the decade. It provided a mid-decade snap-shot of country implementati ... continue reading »

  • Censos Informações

    (English) CensusInfo It is database of the population and Housing Census 2010 in Timor-Leste. The database provides detailed statistics on the characteristics of Timorese population and households, including demographic, Socio-economic, geographical, ... continue reading »