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This section describes selected characteristics of the population of Timor-Leste. The demographic profile includes the population structure by gender and age groups as well as the distribution of the population by marital status, mother tongue, languages spoken and main occupations. Tabulations of the population that has been away from their household for more than a month in the last year are also included.

The prevalence of orphans and living arrangements of children are reported for all children under 15 years old. The prevalence of orphans refers to the proportion of children that have lost one or both parents. The living arrangements of children indicate whether a child is living with none of his or her biological parents, with only one or with both of them.

The TLSLS captures the population living in private households. A household is a group of persons (or a single person) who usually live together and have a common arrangement for food, such as using a common kitchen or a common food budget. The persons may be related to each other or may be non-relatives, including servants or other employees, staying with the employer. Students and employees residing in and having a common food arrangement with the household are considered members of the household if they have been in the household for the last year and absent for no more than one month. If absent for longer than nine months, only infants less than three months old, newly weds or a bride who has joined her husband’s family are considered household members.

However, this does not include boarders/lodgers or boarding houses operated by the household. Boarding houses with more than five persons are considered to be institutional households. Institutional households are not covered by the survey. They are defined as a group of five or more unrelated persons living together, for example, those living in boarding houses, military barracks, prisons, or student dormitories.

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