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  • whoweare

    Se Mak Ami

    (English) The first years of the DNE: The current National Statistics Office in East Timor came into being on 30 June 2000 under the First UN Transitional Administration for East Timor (UNTAET). Funding was provided through UNDP and the main program ... continue reading »

  • Papel no Estrutura Organizasional

    Ministériu Finansas mak órgaun sentral Governu nian ne’ebe responsável ba elaborasaun, ezekusaun, koordenasaun no avaliasaun polítikas aprovadu husi Konsellu Ministrus, iha area: Planamentu anual no monitorizasaun, no orsamentu no finansas. E ... continue reading »

  • law-books-and-gavel

    Low and Guiding Principles

    (English) Statistics are key to the tasks of ascertaining and quantifying the country’s actual situation and planning its economic development. To obtain reliable results that can be used effectively, the collection, dissemination, and coordination ... continue reading »

  • Our Goals for the Future

    (English) Leading and coordinating the official statistical system of the country Mandate The GDS is responsible for ensuring general guidance and integrated coordination in relation to all Ministry services with competences in the fields of Statis ... continue reading »

  • Links

    Portal Transparensia Timor-Leste: Portal Transparénsia Orsamentu Portal Transparénsia Ajuda Externa Portal Aprovizionamentu, no Portal Rezultadu Governu Estatistika no Sensus g7+ Governu Timor-Leste Ministeriu Edukasaun no Kultura Ministeriu Ju ... continue reading »