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Surveys & Indicators

  • Survey Timetable

    (English) OCTOBER 2013 Reference Period 14 October Timor-Leste em Numerus/Timor-Leste in Figures TLS in Figures 2012 14 October External Trade Statistics Annual Reports 2012 19 October Consumer Price Index Dili, Consumer Price Index Ti ... continue reading »


    (English) The General Directorate of Statistics conducts a range of economic and business surveys. These surveys provide important information on aspects of the Timor-Leste economy and they also provide source data that are critical for compilation o ... continue reading »

  • Timor-Leste in Figures

    (English) The General Directorate of Statistics (GDS) is pleased to present, for the 5th consecutive year, the publication “Timor-Leste in Figures”, containing annual statistical information up to 2012.  The publication, being the information ar ... continue reading »

  • Household Income and Expenditure Surveys

    (English) The Timor-Leste Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2011 is the first survey of this type ever conducted in the country. It is also special in the sense that it was undertaken entirely by the staff of the National Directorate of Statist ... continue reading »

  • business_activities

    Business Activity Surveys

    (English) In order to use the data from the 2001 Timor Leste LSMS Survey, it is necessary to download supporting documentation, which includes a The General Directorate of Statistics conducts a range of economic and business surveys. These surveys ... continue reading »

  • Labour Market Surveys

    (English) Timor‐Leste Labour Force Survey 2010 Labour Force Survey (LFS) to be conducted in Timor‐Leste since the country gained its full independence in 2002. Up to 2009‐2010, when the LFS was carried out, Timor‐Leste has had only limited la ... continue reading »

  • Demographics and Health Survey

    (English) Timor-Leste Demographic and Health Survey The 2009-10 Timor-Leste Demographic and Health Survey (TLDHS) is the second national level population and health survey conducted in Timor-Leste and the first conducted as part of the global Demogra ... continue reading »

  • Consumer Price Index

    (English) The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the rate of change over the time in the prices of consumer goods and services, purchased or otherwise acquired by households, which households use directly, or indirectly, to satisfy their own needs a ... continue reading »

  • External Trade Statistics

    (English) Background Information and Technical Notes Purpose The purpose of the Overseas Merchandise Trade statistics is to provide statistical information on the importing and exporting of merchandise goods between Timor-Leste and other countries. S ... continue reading »

  • National Accounts

    (English) Timor-Leste’s national accounts represent a comprehensive and consistent set of macroeconomic statistics for policymaking, analysis and research. The statistics are compiled in accordance with the most up-to-date international standards a ... continue reading »

  • Millennium Development Goals Indicators

    (English) In September 2000, all 189 members of the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals at the Millennium Assembly. Timor-Leste recognises that these goals, in the areas of poverty, hunger, malnutrition, education, health, gender ... continue reading »

  • Survey Publications

    (English) This is survey publication presented the results from the Survey was done by General Directorate of Statistics independence  Demographic and Health Survey (DHS),Timor-Leste Survey Living Standards (TLS-SLS), Business Activity Survey (BAS) ... continue reading »